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/ and How it Integrates with Google Analytics

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 11 Jun 2008

Demandbase offers a program where you can send out and monitor the conversions of your email campaigns along with purchasing businesses email addresses and phone numbers.

How It Monitors Conversions?

  • You input into the software the exact steps your potential client must go through to have a complete conversion. Example: Email, Open Email, Click on web site link, Viewed Web site etc.
  • It monitors how far each potential client got. Did they complete the purchase? Did they stop at the loading page? Did they even open the email?
    Demandbase has found that most people stop half way through the purchasing process and this can help you test the changes you make to the process.

You can set up your Campaign Section in Google Analytics to show your Demandbase results on your Google Analytics report.

Some Quick Tips on Making your Email Marketing Campaign Successful

  • Try to influence people before they even open it with a catchy subject.
  • Time and day the email is sent out. Timing is everything it must be at a good time, if people are at work during the day the chances they will just delete the email is greater because they will be too busy to pay attention
  • Make sure your list of contacts is right for the market, if you are marketing dog clothes make sure you only send this campaign to dog owners.
  • Offer an incentive, something free or a possible discount
  • Include call to action in email, potential clients need to know where to go to see the products you are offering, the call to action should be colorful and eye catching.

When monitoring your Demandbase or Google Analytic account make sure you give yourself enough testing time and be patient when making changes within your web site or email campaign. One month of bad results is no reason to revamp your marketing campaign. Wait 3 months and see if the results are consistent and find out what it causing the lack of conversions instead of getting ahead of yourself and tearing apart your campaign or web site.