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Instructions for FTP in Yahoo! Hosting

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 10 May 2009

I feel like I take forever to figure out how to use new systems, new interfaces, new forums, new add ons, and new gadgets. I’m committing to stop “just doing” and START SHARING. And so now you have it, instructions for FTP in Yahoo hosting…

Login at using the username and password associated with your Yahoo address.

On the right under the user’s name, click on “Mail.”

On the left under the apple icon, click the “yourdomainname” link under the Mail Accounts heading

On the top right click “Manage my Services

On the left click “Web Hosting” control panel

Click the “Manage Tab”

Click “File Manager” – this takes you into the main web directory.

For the love….Make sure you don’t delete anything! These are your website files.

To backup first, click “Download Files” when selected.

In order to upload a file, click”Upload Files” on the right.

If you need to upload anything to a folder (i.e. – images), you have to click the folder name, and THEN click upload files on the right.

Viola! FTPing files from Yahoo Business Website Hosting Account!

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