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Future of NFC Mobile Device

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 20 Jan 2012

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a conference talking about Near Field Communications (NFC) presented by Nick Testanero and what technology has in store for our county will blow your mind! What if we never had to carry a wallet, and a payment process was as easy as hovering your phone over the store product? Our smart phones today have taken the place of our calendars, contact books, and camera’s but soon it will be the only item in our pockets. NFC enabled phones have Antennas built into the phone that pick up radio frequency signals which transmits the process or Near Field Communication.
NFC devices today even allow consumers to pay for plane tickets and bagging all with just a tap of the phone. Japan and a few  large countries throughout the world are already taking advantage of these services, the United States is just behind. In Japan the public bus system uses NFC technology to enable citizen to use their mobile device to pay the toll fee without having a credit card or money in their pocket. In the U.S. however we are still slowing using this technology, but San Francisco is one of the elite city’s who is using this system. How they incorporated this though is throughout the parking meters across the city. So with the tap of your phone you can pay for your meter, and even reimburse the meter from anywere in the city. In addition to those features this high tech device also lets you know where every meter in the city with no money in it making it easier to find parking.
Not only is this device helpful on the consumer side, but it also is expanding the business owner to completely new method of marketing. Near Future Communication devices can be placed in anything from a t-shirt to even a business card, Grocery stores to pharmacitcal companies are using this technology to increase their revenue.

Nick shared a few industry’s as an example of how this device is being used.

  1. Grocery Stores: Placing talking ads on the food shelves, so with a tap of the phone the consumer gets a description of the food read to them on their mobile device.
  2. Pharmaceutical Companies: using NFC to read bar codes and test tubes.
  3. Wine Companies: To prevent fraud of rare wine bottles, vineyards are placing NFC ships on the top of the corks to prove its authenticity.