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Using Skype

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 29 Oct 2008

Hi everyone! Cal Coast recently started using Skype which is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and works just like a landline in an office or home. Below you will find a manual on using Skype. We encourage everyone to use this manual when first using Skype or for referencing later in the future. Any tips, advice or feedback that you think would be helpful are always welcome!!! Just leave us a comment!


  • To use Skype, click the Skype icon (green icon w/white check mark) to open.
  • . Be sure to do the following so that our customers and clients have access to us through Skype as well.

    • Go to Tools in the top navagation then go to Options. From there, go to Privacy Settings in the left navagation. Where it says Allow Calls From, make sure that Anyone is checked off. The rest can be left to the default settings.
  • To place a call, you may choose someone that is on your Contacts list by clicking on the Contacts tab and clicking the number(s) associated with your contact. It will then begin connecting and dialing. To end a call, simply click the red icon with the phone on it.

  • To call someone that is NOT on your Contacts list, go to the Call Phones tab. Make sure that the country in field 1 is United States. In field 2 type in the area code and number of the person you are trying to call by either using the keypad on the Skype interface or by using your keyboard.
  • To start a conference call, click the Conference Call icon in your Contacts tab, then choose the contacts from the left side that you want to be a part of the call and click Add. Click save and your call will begin with the contacts you’ve chosen. To remove a contact you do not want to be part of the call, simply click on the contact you want removed from the right side and click Remove.

  • To use instant messaging (IM), first, to make things easy, go to Tools in the top navagation of Skype and go to Options, then go to General Settings in the left navagation. Where it says “When I double-click on a contact or use the address field“, click Start A Chat and then Save.
  • When you’re ready to start IM’ing someone, simply double-click the contact you’d like to chat with and your IM window will open.
  • To start a group chat via IM, go to Chats in the top navagation and choose Start Group Chat. Then choose the contacts from the left side that you want to be a part of the group chat and click Add. Your IM window will pop up and you can begin your conversation. To remove a contact that you do not want to be part of the conversatrion, simply click on the contact you want removed from the right side and click Remove.
  • To locate a business in Skype, go to the SkypeFind tab. In field 1 type in what you are looking for. In field 2 type the location of what you’r looking for. (city, state, country, zip, etc).
  • To view your call, IM and file transfer history, go to the History tab. From there you can view call logs, recent IM conversations and file transfers.
  • To send someone a files, contacts or even money using Skype, simply open up an IM conversation with whoever you are trying to send something to and go to the Send button in the top nav of the IM window (blue arrow pointing up). From there you will have the option to send money, files or contacts.
    • To send a file, click where it says Send File. A new window will open and you can browse you computer for the file(s) you are trying to send. When you find the file you want to send, either double-click on it or just highlight it and click Open. You will then have to wait until the person you are sending the file to excepts it. Do NOT close until your contact escepts.
    • To send money go to click where it says Send Money. If it is your first time, you will be asked to verify your country. Do so and click Get Started. From there a new window will open up. In the first drop-down, choose the contact you are sending money to. Then enter the amount of money you are sending and what tpe of currency it is. Next choose what the payment is for (Goods, Services/Other or Cash Advance). From there you can type a brief message or description for the contact. Cleck Next. A new window will pop up asking for the contacts email address. Enter it and click Next. Another window will open that will give you the option of using PayPal and logging in directly or using your credit card directly. If using PayPal, login in using the login button provided. If using a credit card, fill in the blank variables and click next. Check Back For More Info!

  • To view your account info, click on the button near the top-right side where it shows your current Skype balance.

    • The Overview tab will let you view your Skype credits as well as purchase more credits, configure your voicemail and choose the # and country you want to show when calling.
    • The Calls & SMS tab allows you to view your call logs and SMS messages that you have sent. It also lets you see the duration of each call and how much it cost. You can also export your call/SMS log by simply clicking the Export to file link in the lower-left section.
    • The Purchases tab lets you see Skype products and credits that you have purchased along with the cost and order number for each item. You can get a details for each item by clicking on the order number that appeasr to the left of the date and item name.
    • The Settings tab allows you to change the following fields in your account by clicking on the Change button to the right of each item.
      • Email
      • Password (Keep your password secure – change it frequently)
      • Newsletters (Email me about new features, services and other information)
      • Skype for Business
      • View
      • Currency
      • PayPal
      • Auto-Recharge preferences
      • Monthly payment limits