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Some Quick Tips When Using Skype!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 01 Dec 2008

So you’ve decided to use Skype! Below are some tips that may help you along the way!

Avoid Spam IM’s, Spam Request’s & Unwanted Requests:
1. Go to tools – options – click on chat settings – and put the bullet in only allow people in my contact list to send chat messages to me.

Adding People to Your Contacts List
2. In your Skype Contacts tab click on “add” or “search” to find the person you want to add your contacts list.

  • To “Add”, simply enter the person full name, email address or Skype screen name if you know it.
  • To “Search”, you can do the same thing as “Add”, but you will have the options of choosing state, country, city, male/female and age range.

Create Personal Voice Message
3. Go to Tools – Voicemail – Click on the red record button and begin recording your message that you want others to hear when you are not available. Click the same button to stop the recording. To review, click the green play button. To reset and start over click the red refresh button with the circular arrow icon.

4. Go to tools – Options – Notifications. This is where you can personalize your settings for displaying alerts, like when you are receiving a call, IM, send a file, request contact details, has a birthday, etc.

Call Forwarding
5. Go to Tools – Options – Calls – Call Forwarding. Click the “Foward Calls When I’m Not On Skype” and enter the number you want your calls to be forwarded to. Then choose the amount of time it takes before a call is forwarded. This will prevent you from being locked to your computer and still let you receive calls that come through Skype!

Say you don’t want calls to come to your cell, but you want to recive the voicemails that someone leaves on your Skype voicemail.
Go to Tools – Options – Calls – Voicemail and check off send Unanswered Calls To Voicemail. That way, you are not receiving multiple calls to your cell phone, but still are able to check the voicemails left by someone without having to be on your computer/Skype.

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