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Remote Access & Desktop Control Software – How To access Your computer When You’re Not With It

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 23 Jun 2009

Often times I need to get on a computer at the office when I’m back at home. Sometimes its to get an image, other times its to upload a site that’s sitting on that system. Most of the time, its to upload your Web Position Rankings reports for monthly website marketing SEO clients.

There have also been occasions where I have needed to allow access to my computer for someone else to get on it. Once it was for repair that was outside of my capabilities.

Sometimes clients at Cal Coast will need to install the software so that we can access their computer to show them how to do something virtually or even to perform a custom online project.

If you need to access your PC from anywhere else, please feel free to use the following instructions to help you do so using our preferred tool called LogMeIn.

  • Simply visit
  • Click on “Create an Account”
  • Click on “Sign Up” next to “LogMeIn” Free (there is no need for a paid account unless you want to print, transfer files or more – the Free solution has worked for all our needs thus far but please feel free to evaluate yourself)
  • Fill out necessary variables and “Create Account”
  • Once your account is set up, you will need to login
  • From this screen, click on “Add Computer”
  • Select “Install LogMeIn Free on this computer”
  • Follow on-screen prompts to install software on your computer

If you were asked to chose a username and password, this will be the info associated with your account when you want to login to this computer. (Please note that you can add multiple computers with different logins.)

Other times your computer is already secured with a username and password. if so, this option will be skipped and the system or PC settings will override this functionality.

If you need to have someone else work on your system, simply email them your login and password for both your master and the login for that computer.

Note: Ive heard that there is a way to offer 1 time access temporary passwords to a vendor/person to access your computer. Please comment if you know how to use this feature. Until then, here’s the long way. Change you passwords after if you need 🙂

Please note that if you wish to get on the computer form anywhere else, you will need to ensure that the computer you want to access is left ON when you are not at it.

If you are a Cal Coast client, please call or email us at with your LogMeIn passwords and then ensure your computer is left on the day or designated time of making the update.

That should help you access anywhere. Happy traveling!

PS – If you want to remotely access your PC from your iphone, click here.

what you’ve put here. there is a really great chart that breaks down all of the different types of remote desktop software

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what you've put here. there is a really great chart that breaks down all of the different types of remote desktop software

it's very useful for readers
thank you very much,
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