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Converting .docx Files to .doc

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 31 Mar 2009

Many of you have reviewed an email or 10 that has what appears to be a word doc but your Windows 2003 Microsoft Office Word displays the document as a bunch of jumbled up characters.

This is simply because the file is a .docx or a 2007 Microsoft Office Word document. Thanks Microsoft, thanks. Lets make it impossible for any of us to get our work done quickly and efficiently without purchasing our 10th version of your product. Sheesh!

First off, if you are currently running Microsoft Word, I encourage you to save your documents as “.doc” before passing it along to others who may need to utilize the document as well.

To do so, simply select “file” and then “Save As” and type in your document name. Before hitting save though, simply select from the drop down options below the file name. It is here where you will see a plain, good ol’ fashioned “.doc” version to save the document.

This way, no one will tell you they cant read what you sent!

For those of you who have received a “.docx” document and just cant get the person who sent it to you to resend in a fashion you can review…or you know they will never understand your geek speak, simply utilize one of the options below.

Before you try anything else, I suggest you start by utilizing Zamzar’s FREE online file conversion software. Simply upload your file and you should have an email within the hour!

Start there in case any of the solutions below don’t work!

Your other option is to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Office 2007.

That should allow you to utilize your existing version with the docx documents in the future!

Be sure to share this with your friends so that they too know how to save their docs in the future. This will save you time and money when working B2B!!

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