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Archiving & Integrating Gmail Into Sugar CRM With DulceGmail

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 09 May 2009

I.E. is sooooooo last year. If you haven’t already, make the switch to Firefox NOW.

Not only is it SAFER, but there are unlimited Add Ons to make web surfing faster, easier and just plain fun!

Angie & I are away on business for the weekend working on our database, manuals & videos. Its been nothing but a mess. We didn’t even get started on what we came here for until just about a couple hours ago because all of the trusted vendors we put in place to help support our business let us down. Harrumph. We were on it right away!

First off all, apologies to those of you who sent an email from Friday, May 9th between 12:00am to 11am. Our email was down thanks to one of our trusted vendors and a silly mistake.

If you visited our website recently, we are aware our videos are not loading. Yet again the fault of a trusted vendor. Hello World really put us in a bad place by losing all of our video collection!

Enough of the complaining though. We mad the calls to tech support and were on our way. Videos are still in the works and email is good to go.

Next it was time to get started and just that we did! My first task….Integrating & archiving emails from Gmail into our SugarCRM database.

We have literally spent months (actually close to a year now) trying to integrate our emails into Sugar using the Sugar email system. No go…and were pretty geeky over here!

Sugar is AMAZING. The only downfall, a lil pricey and no phone support. Pretty difficult to handle a task like this in less than a month without it. So, I had to cruise around all online looking for solutions.

Light bulb! I searched for “Gmail into SugarCRM: and viola! There it was, the first result. A Firefox Add-On called DolceGmail. Its amazing.

Now remember, this is a Firefox Add-On so it will not work in other browsers nor will it work on another computer. You aren’t installing it in your gmail, you installing it on the browser on your own system, your own computer.

Lets get started.

How to Use DolceGmail to Get Your Gmail Emails Archived In SugarCRM:

1. CLICK HERE to download the DolceGmail Firefox Add-On

2. Login to your Gmail account

3. Select “DolceGmail Settings” an fill in variables:

  • Username – your Sugar login user name
  • Password – your Sugar login password
  • Server URL – the url you usually login at (i.e. – or, etc)

4. Test to ensure it works!

Now its time to start USING the software!

Saving Contacts & Leads From Gmail to SugarCRM:

1. Open an email you wish to add the contact to Sugar with.

2. Click on the person icon in top left corner under the From address.

3. The system will ask you if you want to add as a contact or a lead. There are dozens of other variables to fill out if so desired as well. Fill in and save!!!

Archiving Gmail Emails Into SugarCRM:

1. Open an email you wish to archive into Sugar.

2. Click on the “@” icon in top left corner under the From address.

3. The system will open an “Add Message to SugarCRM” window.

  • Contact Tab – You will want to choose “Inbound” o “Outbound” to appropriately select your contacts email. If you are receiving an email that you don’t need to reply to, simply select “inbound.” If you are replying to an email and want to archive both the original email & your reply, simply choose your reply email and then “Outbound” to see the email address you are sending to since that’s where you want to archive it. Not to you, but them!

    This DOES mean that you will need to take the extra step of going to your sent email to archive in Gmail & SugarCRM for reference. Its like 1 min off your life each day. So was that burger n fries u had for lunch buddy.

    If the email comes from a contact that is NOT associated with an account or contact in Sugar, there will not be any options in your “Search for contact in SugarCRM” section. If this is the case, DO NOT update the contact email in Sugar unless requested. That is their preferred one. Instead, simply select the “Other” tab (see below) an change the email
    address to the email that is part of sugar.

  • Message – Update your Subject to be RELEVANT. This will appear under the Subject of the email note in Sugar for others to see in the account.
  • Attachments – All attachments are available for review here. You may choose to unselect some if unneeded or perhaps too big for Sugar.
  • Other – Again, as described above, you can change the email here. The only purpose I have found thus far is for associating with appropriate email in Sugar.

Its as simple as that. Now you may begin archiving your emails in Sugar. Why not????

I think I died and went to heaven.
This add-on/download no longer exists - I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be great!
The publisher is unfortunately not supporting this anymore. About a year back, the plugin went down and I emailed him at and he had it back up shortly. Have not heard back since it went down again though. Perhaps you may have better luck at that email address. Keep us posted. We're DYING for the feature back!!! Would even consider PAYING for it :)