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Orange County Home Staging Specialist Revamps Cal Coast Web Design Office

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 29 Oct 2008

This last month Cal Coast Web Design was blessed to have Orange County decorator, Mary Jayne Barnette with Revamp Your Home, turn our office around!

I was getting anxiety at work. When I got to the office I felt scattered. There was just stiff everywhere. You know it gets. Paperwork piles up, your bookkeeping records haven’t been archived in years and you have sticky notes covering everything. It was a nightmare!

Mary Jayne specializes in home staging in Orange County so we asked her to help us turn the office around. We didn’t need any major design changes. No paint or structural development so there’s no need to spend the extra money to go with an interior designer. A home decorator and stager can work with any budget to just update your look to be modern and still reflect your personal Orange County home style.

Revamp Your Home first started by learning a little bit about the Cal Coast team with their fun and easy “What’s My Orange County Home Style” quiz. It is a great way to help you decide where to begin as you get ready to ReVamp your home or office!

After that, Mary Jayne came by the office to talk about our needs and wants and style and what was working and what wasn’t.

She brought along Amanda Armstrong of Room To Breath – Orange County Organizing Services to help us with the mess.

Personally, I;m a big fan of organization. I live for labels, boxes, folders and more! Amanda was a woman after my own heart and helped us archive hundreds of folders and even helped Angie custom organize her desk as well! Fhew! What a relief. Everything has a clearly labeled place now!

After their initial visit, MJB and Amanda came by just twice to drop off, rearrange and stage the whole thing.

Angie and I spent a week away in Oceanside working on our site redesign and modified blog so we spent the weekend before moving the office basics to where they needed to be and re-setting up the desks to fit the new order. FYI – Basic Staples desks are only made to be put together 1 way! Do not attempt to switch this order unless you have welding tools, a power drill and some construction experience! LOL! What a day…

This made for easy transition for MJB though. Angie and I were able to come back to our FABULOUS Orange County redecorated office. It was like getting a new turnkey office!

MJB really nailed it on the head with our Orange County home style. We wanted the office to be beach casual with muted tones of blue, green, brown and yellow. The office was amazing. As designers, we have a good feeling and eye for space layout and design elements ad components but we work on web pages. This was a whole new ball game and the team hit a home run!

We were able to archive old docs and make room to grow and the team worked within our budget to ensure we had all the furniture and supplies we needed. Our budget was under $500 for “stuff” and we knew it wasn’t much to work with but they got EXACTLY what we needed!

New artwork, places to hang or favorite saying, bullet boards for our featured cards and pictures, Everything was neat, clean, organized and coordinated and we couldn’t be happier! thanks Mary Jayne and Amanda. We love our newly decorated office.

Please check back soon to see the AFTER pictures!

For more information on contacting one of the team members that made the office redesign such a success, please content one of the below…

Please come by anytime to visit our newly redecorated office at 22672 Lambert, Suite 612, Lake Forest, CA and have a consultation on how to improve your website’s visibility and traffic online!