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Happy Holidays Cal Coaster 2007!

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  • 29 Nov 2007

Happy Holidays from CCWD!

The holidays remind us all of just what we are thankful
for….friends, family, business, food, rankings…;)

Cal Coast would like to remind you all that we are
thinking about just how thankful we are for YOU!
We are so thankful for your business & support
throughout the year!! It’s been a GREAT year
for us here at Cal Coast Web Design and we hope that
rings true for you and your business as well!

Cal Coast Visited SES

This year we went to Search
Engine Strategies (SES)
in San Jose, CA. SES is
the leading global conference & expo series that
educates delegates on search engine marketing, including
optimization and advertising strategies, tactics and
best practices.

It was amazing. Cal Coast networked a bit and learned
even more. Please be sure to visit our Search
Engine Strategies conference blog.

The search engines are ever changing beasts and we
want to make sure that your site is the most successful
it can be. Be sure to browse our Cal
Coaster newsletters
as well for more Cal Coast,
search engine and design updates.

New CCWD Team Members

In addition to learning, testing, tuning and improving
for the search engines, we’ve had many other
changes here at Cal Coast this year. 2007 has brought
new faces to our staff and many of you have met them
over the phone.

Scott Jarvis – Our new Web
Position Report Consultant and Linking & Blogging
Manager, Scott Jarvis, has over 15 years of web design
experience and is a true asset to us and our clients.

Brandi Wiley – Our new Office
Administrator Brandi, helps us with the daily grind
wrapping up marketing materials, running our billing
center and keeping us all organized here at the Cal
Coast office.

Coast New Location

Our SEO offices have recently moved to a new, larger
location in order to better serve our clients’
needs. Our new offices are still in Lake Forest, California,
and our increased space will allow us to offer educational
SEO seminars to those interested in learning more
about the world of search engine optimization.

While the Cal Coast offices have moved, our email
addresses and phone numbers remain the same. We’re
certainly enjoying our new place and welcome you to
stop by!!

Give Back

With the holidays reminding us all of “the spirit
of the season,” we are often reminded of just
how we may serve others. This holiday, Cal Coast donated
a portion of your payments to a Habitat
for Humanity
home and family in Orange County.
We encourage you to get involved. Try one of the causes
near and dear to our hearts below or feel free to
reach out to a local community leader or website for
more info on how you too can get involved…

For Tots

Love Boxes

For Humanity


Humane Society

We wish you a safe and joyful holiday season and a
New Year full of blessings!


Your Friends At Cal Coast Web Design

Angie, Angela, Jenn, Scott, Heidi & Brandi

they spend most of their time online, our Cal Coast
Team Members have compiled a list of their FAVORITE
and most helpful websites. Search below for the following:
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    2. Favorite SEO Resource

    3. Favorite Design Resource

    4. Favorite Email Resource

    5. Favorite Security Site

Angie Weeks:

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