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Orange County Personal Trainer Helps Fitness Experts And Fitness Conscience Individuals Find One Another – Keeps Pregnant Women In Shape

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  • 13 Dec 2009

Every so often we here at Cal Coast Web Design use this blog to showcase one of our clients. This time we’d like to talk a bit about Orange County personal trainer, Eric Johannsen who is also owner of Premium Trainers. Premium Trainers is an online network that connects personal trainers, fitness clubs, and even clients of those. Premium Trainers makes it easy to find a personal trainer that’s right for you by providing information on a long list of Orange County personal trainers. Individuals looking for a fitness club can also utilize Eric’s website to find one that works best for them and in their local area as well. The Premium Trainers website allows its visitors to search for and Orange County personal trainer and fitness clubs using a number of different criteria as to provide results that are as specific and close to the visitor as possible.

In addition to Premium Trainers, Eric Johannsen also runs Fitness 4 Baby, a web site which is dedicated to both pre and post natal fitness programs. Having worked as an Orange County personal trainer for many years, Eric has also worked with many expectant mothers as well as those who’ve recently given birth. As such Eric knows just how difficult it can be for mothers to stay in shape during pregnancy and to get back into shape following the birth of a new baby. Fitness 4 Baby is a result of years of work with mothers as well as research into exercise during and just after a pregnancy.

Orange County Premium Trainer Services

  • Find an Orange County Personal Trainer – Finding a reputable and experienced Orange County personal trainer can be a daunting task for those looking. Premium Trainers allows visitors to search for personal trainers by trainer, fitness club, city, state, and zip code.
  • Find an Orange County Gym – Many people want not only an Orange County personal trainer but a local fitness club to work out at. Working out in a gym is far more motivating that going it alone or at home and Premium Trainers knows this. They therefore also allow visitors to search for fitness clubs in their area using the same criteria as those searching for a personal trainer use.
  • Personal Trainers Advertise Services – Orange County personal trainers know that like any other business, advertising and getting the word out are the only way to generate business. At Premium Trainers trainers can come, register with the site and get their profiles placed on the largest fitness network online.
  • Gyms Get Listed in Our Directory– Not only can Orange County personal trainers register at Premium Trainers but fitness clubs can do the same in order to help bolster interest in their particular brand of fitness. Gyms that register and are displayed on Premium Trainers often do more business in their local areas than gyms that do no appear on the site.

Who Can Utilize Premium Trainers?

In addition to allowing visitors to search for an Orange County personal trainer visitors can come to Premium Trainers for dietary tips, information and even healthy recipes. Those Orange County personal trainers looking for new clients can also visit Premium Trainers, sign up, and become networked with other health professionals as well as those who are seeking an Orange County personal trainer. Signing up is quick and easy and is a great way to get your name and information out there.

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Fitness 4 Baby is a website for expectant mothers as well as those who’ve recently given birth. Fitness 4 Baby is not only updated regularly with advice that a woman can use to live healthy during pregnancy but through this site a number of services are offered to mothers that aim to help keep them in shape and healthy during and after pregnancy. Women who are pregnant and aren’t sure what to eat or how to stay in shape can visit this site and pick up valuable information while those looking to get back into pre-pregnancy shape following birth will find Fitness 4 Baby’s services particularly useful.

Fitness4baby Services:

  • Healthy Pregnancy Topics – Fitness 4 Baby covers a wide variety of healthy pregnancy topics. These range from pregnancy fitness, weight loss and weight gain, as well as patrician and lifestyle too. Any woman pregnant or having recently given birth will find the topics on the site comprehensive and informative.

  • Favorite Pregnancy Exercises – Fitness 4 Baby places an emphasis on exercise during and after pregnancy in order to help clients stay fit the entire time which is healthier for both mother and baby. Services for safe exercise, stretching, weight training, and even cardiovascular are available through Fitness 4 Baby.

  • Pregnancy Video Library – Fitness 4 Baby offers a line of home videos for women who enjoy working out on their own and in the comfort of their homes. There is a wide variety of videos as well to choose from. Videos focus on a number of different aspects of pregnancy fitness including core and abdominal exercises, weight training, and stretching.

  • How to Get Started – Being pregnant and caring for a newborn can be exhausting and so Fitness 4 Baby has made getting started on their programs extremely easy. Women interested in getting started need only visit the Fitness 4 Baby website. From here view a list of services, contact Fitness 4 Baby with any questions, and then complete the transaction over the phone or mail the trainer and have them collect payment in person.

  • Pricing and Packages – The pricing of packages at Fitness 4 Baby varies depending on what a woman wants. Though Fitness 4 Baby has a number of packages in place to choose from, they alsoallow interested parties to customize packages and essentially create one that both works for them and meets their budgetary needs.

  • Standard Pregnancy Package – The standard pregnancy package offered by Fitness 4 Baby is more comprehensive that you might expect and includes services such as goal setting, movement analysis, strength training, and even healthy eating habit instruction.

  • Most Commonly Asked Questions About Fitness During Pregnancy
    Women seeking answers to questions about healthy living during and after pregnancy can visit Fitness4 Baby where they’ll find a page dedicated to frequently asked questions. These questions and answers help many women live healthier during pregnancy and thereafter.

  • Additional Pregnancy Resources – In addition to providing women with services and tips related to healthy pregnancy and fitness, Fitness 4 Baby also provides women with additional pregnancy resources in an effort to expose them to as much free information as possible so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape.
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