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Coordinating Your Orange County Concrete and Demo for Underground Utility Work

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  • 04 Nov 2011
Rick Farino of Team R. Farino recently spoke with us about the process of laying new underground utilities. We were surprised at how much goes into this process and how much time and money can be spent on a project like adding lighting to a parking lot.

Rick shared this example with us:

“Let’s say you’re a property management company and you want to add lighting in the parking lot. You would call a contractor and get an estimate for Orange County concrete and demolition services.

In order to accomplish the addition of lighting in the parking lot, you will need saw cutting and trenching. You have to hire a separate company to start the process and another to actually do the trenching, then you need to hire and pay for the electrician, and then hire someone else to put the asphalt back and repave.”

Rick mentioned that this is the simplified version of the process, but for many projects like this, you can end up hiring up to 8 different companies!

Rick continued:

“We have created R. Farino to be different. We are a rarity in the industry, but we have both A and B classifications (General Engineering and General Building Contractor) which enables us to do the demo and the concrete construction. We take care of it all, and we have a fantastic list of recommended utility specialists (electricians, plumbers, etc.) we can easily coordinate with on your job.

Being a full service Orange County concrete and demolition company, we have helped many businesses and residents reduce stress, save time, and save money on their Orange County concrete and demo projects because trying to coordinate all the different schedules is ridiculous! The truth is there’s no one else in our industry in Southern California who offers this!”

Wow, impressive! Whether it’s commercial or residential, R. Farino can take care of it all for you. When you get into underground utilities you need saw cutting and trenching from R. Farino, then they coordinate with the electrician, plumber, etc., and then they fill everything back in to get your project completed! 

Do you need an Orange County concrete and demo company for your next underground utilities project? Visit for more information today!