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Cal Coast Web Design Featured Client: Mission Viejo Chiropractors Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 27 Nov 2009

Every so often we here at Cal Coast Web Design enjoy featuring one of our clients. This time we’d like to turn our attention and focus to the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center located in Mission Viejo. The Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center is a centre that focuses on Mission Viejo Chiropractor care and healthy living. The staff is lead by Dr. Victor Rafa, an Orange County Chiropractor who offers a wide variety of alternative treatments for patients looking to avoid expensive medicines, and sometimes debilitating surgeries. The Mission Viejo Chiropractors at the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center can also help with things like weight loss, diet, and many other things that help you live a healthier more productive lifestyle.

There are many different types of pains that an Orange County Chiropractor can help you with. These range from the very minor and nagging to the persistent and very painful. One of the worst types of pain a patient might suffer from is Sciatic leg pain. Fortunately for those who suffer from this intense and unrelenting type of pain the Mission Viejo Chiropractors at the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center offer treatments designed to treat the causes of Sciatic leg pain and not just mask the systems. Lower back pain is another common ailment among the patients that visit these Orange County Chiropractors and as a result they have developed a number of treatments and therapies that treat the causes of an individuals pain as well as relieve the pain itself. Over several visits the cause of a patients back pain will disappear allowing them to live a pain free lifestyle.

No matter what type of pain ails you a visit with a Mission Viejo Chiropractor can help. The Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center offers a myriad of health services and therapies all designed to address the causes of a patients pain. These include:

Learn More At The Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center’s New Patient Center

Those suffering from Sciatic leg pain can take advantage of this coupon!

Should you have any questions about these coupons or about the Orange County Chiropractic services offered at the Gateway Rehab & Wellness Center be sure to contact them for assistance!