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12 Days of Christmas – Support Our Troops with American Soldier Network

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  • 09 Dec 2009

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas post is dedicated to our devoted and brave troops! Have you thanked a soldier lately??? If not, you may want to say thank you to Orange County non profit the American Soldier Network, because they are doing it for you.

Throughout the year, The American Soldier network tirelessly holds fundraisers and raises awareness to help our service men and women feel welcome when they come home. Founder Annie Nelson, along with Navy Cross Marine and author of Shadow of the Sword Jeremiah Workman, speak at various events. Topics include raising awareness on PTSD and veterans needs. Of course, multiple hospital visits to spread good cheer are also on the agenda!

How can YOU support our soldiers this Christmas?

  1. Make a donation (tax deductible!) to American Soldier Network. Every dollar helps!!!
  2. Sponsor a stocking for $25
  3. Come and stuff a stocking in Mission Viejo this Wednesday Dec 9th, or Thursday Dec 10th! Call 949-355-3061 for location details.
  4. Show your support by following @ForRTroops on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.
Stockings for Soldiers from the American Soldier Network

Please, watch this video to learn the full vision of American Soldier Network has for supporting our troops:

Wouldn’t a series on TV dedicated to welcoming home and thanking our military heroes be AWESOME? Wow, thanks to Annie and American Soldier Network for all you do locally and internationally for our beloved troops!