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12 Days of Christmas – Portland Finds a New Hope

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  • 22 Dec 2009
Today’s 12 Days of Christmas post focuses on Project Hope. Based in Portland, Oregon, the renowned organization is dedicated to providing a wide range of help services to at-risk young people between the ages of 15-20. For this group, hope seems as far away as the most distant galaxy. The vast majority have no education, low wage jobs, unstable employment, dependence on social services, and very often are an unfortunate statistic in the criminal justice system.How Project Hope Has Helped Thousands to Make New Strides in Life
  • Assisting students in focusing on the skills to make positive, life-long changes.
  • Providing educational support and tutoring.
  • Offering job training, employment, life-skills development, and mentoring.
  • Launching “Hope Houses”, their after-school jobs program that provides materials and labor for low income housing.

How Can You Help These Special People Find New Hope?

  1. Become a Project Hope volunteer or make a donation. Every little bit helps, so do your part, no matter how big or small. The organization is currently accepting applications. So don’t wait. Be a hero today! For more information contact Project Hope at or 503-287-4914.
  2. Get the organization’s latest updates and news by visiting the Project Hope blog. You’re bound to find something that will inspire you to new heights of generosity!
  3. Friend Project Hope on Facebook or follow them @Twitter. Get the good word out to the world this holiday season!

Our congratulations to all the generous, caring people who have already helped thousands gain a second chance in life. We hope more of you will discover the joy and gratification of donating to this outstanding Portland charity during this holiday season and beyond!