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12 Days of Christmas – Orangewood Children’s Foundation

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 11 Dec 2009

Today’s 12 days of Christmas post is dedicated to Orangewood Children’s Foundation, and all they do for the foster youth of Orange County. Many of you may not this, know but our own CFO was a foster youth and spent time at Orangewood, so this foundation is very close to our hearts 🙂

Orangewood has great programs designed to help foster kids get educated, obtain scholarships, live independently, and transition into the community successfully. Its not easy when you don’t have your family to help, but its nice that this shelter comes to the rescue for so many of our youth.

How can YOU show support for Orange County’s foster kids?

Its easy!!!

  1. Friend Orangewood on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Share their stuff!!
  2. Volunteer your time. There are various community events throughout the year, or you could even be a mentor!
  3. Round up the company troops, and do a matching gift. A matching gift is great because the company matches the contribution of its employees. What a wonderful way for you to all do good together.

We’d like to just take a moment to say THANKS to Orangewood Foundation for supporting our local foster kids. With the right support, they will all grow up to be smart, successful, CEO’s & mentors too 🙂