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12 Days of Christmas – Meet the San Felipe Humanitarian Alliance!

  • By calcoastwebdesign
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  • 20 Dec 2009

Todays 12 Days post goes out to a little known charity with a big heart – San Felipe Humanitarian Alliance. The Alliance is dedicated to providing global relief and rehabilitation services for children and their communities affected by poverty, conflict and disaster.

Just a few of SFHA’s accomplishments:

The foundation continues to support both local and international causes to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in need.

How can YOU support San Felipe Humanitarian Alliance?

1. Offer a tax deductable donation. The alliance is always looking to build their next shelter or help the next victim.
2. Fan SFHA on Facebook and share updates with your friends.
3. Donate items that can be used in shelters like toothpaste, hygiene items, diapers, or gently worn clothes. Email Michelle or Belisa to get involved!

We’d like to give a shout out for all the support SFHA gives mothers, children, families, and other foundations. When many are turning their heads and ignoring the need, the Alliance continues to extend a helping hand. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to humanity!!!