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12 Days of Christmas – Give The Gift of Clean Water with

  • By calcoastwebdesign
  • 3 Tags
  • 21 Dec 2009

Today’s 12 days of Christmas post features AWay to Help – a dedicated Orange County charity that travels to Uganda to give the gift of clean water. Many people aren’t aware that one of the deadliest problems in third world countries is dirty water. Disease, sickness, and bacteria is transferred in bad water and it infects entire villages and nations. Every year, 3 MILLION people die from unclean water 🙁 goes above and beyond to try to bring awareness and clean water to deserving people. Once a village is taught the right procedures for maintaining healthy water, they can prevent so much sickness and death. Its so simple to save lives with AwaytoHelp!

How can YOU get the word out about clean water?

A couple ways…

1. Support with your time. Take a trip for a week or 10 days to save deserving lives
2. Donate to the cause. You can SPONSOR a WELL. How cool?!
3. Promote awareness. Blog about solutions. Share clean water projects on Facebook. Follow clean water groups & causes on Twitter.

Its so amazing what we accomplish when we join together and try. With our help, its possible for everyone to have healthy and clean drinking water. We just need enough people to be aware and support the cause. Won’t you join in???