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Topics for blog, articles,  and even social media posts are chosen only after a keyword or phrase has been chosen. Once we've identified a keyword that needs additional internet saturation a topic based on that that keyword is chosen. At times it may appear that a piece of content for an outside article is written in such a manner as to have little to do with your website. In order to prevent your articles from being flagged as spam our writers must use your keywords in a clever fashion which on occasion includes creating an article that does not directly reference your site. You will want to remember however that when this scenario does occur the article will still contain a link back to your website. In fact, this is the case regardless of topic. We do encourage YOU, the zen master of your industry to send us updates once a month about your company, industry, etc. This info can really help us development relevant and current content and creatively integrate keywords.
Same day if the inquiry comes in before 4pm.  Always 24 business hours or less :)  We respond to all of our customer care emails, calls, faxes, and social media posts. (Sometimes its just the little things, isn't it?)
We just need your docusigned agreement on file, call 888-281-7665 x2 for an agreement.  You can brand our order form with your company info and numbers, or you may incorporate them into your already existing campaigns.
You can count on us not to try to sell your client on any overlapping services (hosting, graphics, redesigns, whatever they may be...we do not bite hands that feed us)!
No, we will not disclose to your end client how much you paid if you are a reseller.
Yes, most of our SEO campaigns include custom written, keyword seeded content. For extremely technical or detailed industries additional fees may apply.
Yes, and not just any IDX! Read this IDX blog post for more details.
We generally limit our SEO clients: two per area, per category. We offer waiting lists if your category and area are full. Simply email or call 888-281-7665 x 2 to confirm availability.
Website design, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media services all currently run $75/hr. Current clients are grandfathered in on hourly pricing when our rates do increase.
Your website design costs vary depending on the amount of pages, design, color, and programming work that will go into the project. Cal Coast tries to keep the majority of our website designs between $2000 - $5000. If you have a specific budget simply let us know so we can help you stay on task!
You may login to your account here: Or call 480-624-2500.  To call, you must know your domain name's 'pin' number.
If you purchased your domain name with Cal Coast or we purchased it on your behalf, you'll go to: If you registered your domain name before you became our client, you can find out where to renew it by checking the domain name 'registrar' at  Once you know the registrar, visit that website for your renewal.
Please email so we can make the update for you, or call us at 888-281-7665 x1.
While we welcome suggestions and ideas for articles, the sensitive nature of the E-Magazines dictates that we allow our writers to discern whether or not your idea or subject matter will be allowed or accepted by the various E-Magazines. Our writers have the final say so in this matter but as previously stated we encourage all of our clients to share their ideas with our writers.